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Which is the most important feature of Chinese art?

We all know that "between similarities and dissimilarities" is the basic image range of Chinese freehand paintings, but how big is the capacity of "between likeness and dissimilarity"? Interpretation in the picture, freehand brushwork is a very large space for the imagination. It should be changing with the times. If we understand it as a fixed painting mode, there will be problems. Since we have artistic thinking that is inseparable from the subjective and objective, the habit of "ambiguity" is also a definition, which will inevitably lead to interpretation." The meaning of "freehand brushwork" cannot be unified, and ununified thoughts will give us space to create and imagine. From this point of view, everyone's freehand brushwork should be different. Everyone can see that the "similarity" in freehand painting has developed greatly under the influence of Western realistic painting in the past 100 years, while the "unlikeness" has just begun. From the perspective of Chinese art history, the development of freehand painting closer to "dissimilarity" is inevitable, because this is the requirement of the times and a new direction for the development of freehand painting.

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