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What kind of art helps mental health?

The means of water in China are the needs of many people: in the creation, some masters in the creation, because things directly touch the real events of people in th

e works of art, so when they directly touch the works of people's works of art, It is possible to get direct access to how people really feel. To the image of things that have a direct psychological impact on the heart? It is possible to create this art of ink painting as one of the fantasy tasks, the catalyst for the associations of the viewers who create the paintings.

Chinese painting art, because it is not limited to the simulacrum and representation of objects, but depicts the meaning, so it has a rather vivid scene performance. Prosperity and other artistic techniques, to connect with human beings, and to borrow the social and natural painting methods, make Chinese art play an important expression technique and become a master of creating artistic meaning.

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