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What are the influences of Chinese art?

The theory of freehand painting can of course be applied to any other art form and material. Western modern art can be explained by the theory of Chinese freehand painting, but which art form can better represent the identity of Chinese art than ink and wash freehand painting? Because this is the original creation of the Chinese. This is the precious artistic wealth of all mankind. It would be very sad if Chinese art people do not have enough understanding of this. Western modern painting, including masters of expressionism and abstract expressionism, draws nourishment from it. In recent years, major museums in Europe and the United States have been reviewing and exhibiting works in the stage of Impressionism and Expressionism. The fundamental reason is that the contemporary western art world has begun to realize that it is impossible to return to the traditional stage of classical objective realism by turning back from the dead end of contemporary art, and the image painting that takes into account the blending of subjective and objective is the only best way to return to easel painting. The perfect foothold.

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