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Why is Chinese painting important?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

In the history of world art, the most distinctive feature of Chinese painting is the spirit of "freehand brushwork".

Freehand connotation

Due to cultural and historical reasons, Chinese people are deeply influenced by Taoist nature and Zen comprehension. Under the influence of the concept of the unity of nature and man, freehand painting reflects the inseparability of the subjective and objective of art. , God, the contagious power of qi. The picture is reflected in the strong intervention of subjective factors, but it is not completely separated from the characteristics of objective factors. The artist and the audience always communicate and interact while maintaining their respective distances. Different objects can obtain different satisfactions. This is the most perfect art form for human beings. Invention, after nearly a thousand years of accumulation, the Chinese have created freehand paintings that express the spirit of life, and have established a very complete theoretical basis. This is the crystallization of the artistic wisdom of the Chinese people, and it is also a distinctive feature of Chinese culture reflected in artistic thinking. This is a unique painting system in the world.

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